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“Get free access to Market Tracker tool for real-time compensation.

“Talent Intelligence is the key to the future of work.”

Betsy Summers

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

How CompEdge Works

CompEdge delivers actionable insights for talent acquisition, retention and engagement



MONITOR PAY monitors market pay and benchmarks real-time compensation in today’s job market.

MARKET TRACKER delivers competitive intelligence.

Employee Retention


RETENTION MONITOR ™ is an interactive dashboard, platform, and alert system, combining field-tested metrics to monitor Retention Risk across leadership and technical talent

Candidate Assessment

SUCCESS is a collaborative Interviewing platform for candidate assessment, built on key success factors for role, manager, team and company.

Employee Engagement

TALENT PULSE™ is a confidential tool that measures and monitors employee satisfaction with respect to professional development, work life and career trajectory. It scores factors most highly-correlated with high-value employee performance, longevity and flight risk

Hire and Retain Top Talent

Employee Retention
Retention Monitor™ uniquely measures retention risk. It features a retention score, signaling the likelihood of an employee, who is at-risk for leaving. The dashboard analyzes tenure, employee engagement and role-specific market compensation to report retention risk. Employee engagement scores can be generated by third-party employee engagement software; or by our Talent Pulse™ tool, which measures an employee’s professional satisfaction. Retention Monitor™ quantifies flight-risk, which helps you focus on at-risk talent to better address compensation, job dynamics, corporate culture and the employee engagement.

Built on AI and market intelligence, CompEdge™ delivers real-time market pay data for more than 1200 titles at 16,000+ companies in tech. For the first time, in Market Monitor you can filter pay by company, size, stage, talent rank, experience and region. With Market Tracker, you have both a competitive tool and benchmarking solution wrapped into one.

CompEdge™ is an amazing resource for compensation intelligence. The transparency and market insights make everyone involved smarter which leads to greater efficiencies for both hiring teams and candidates.

Allyson Campa

Career Coach Aligned Career
I checked out your app CompEdge it looks very cool and provides some great data.

Anthony Bear

CEO Humanity Media inc
Talent Intelligence is the key to the future of work.

Betsy Summers

Principal Analyst Forrester Research

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When everyone aligns on the MarketValue™ for a role, companies, recruiters, and candidates can quickly agree on pay and collaborate in the executive hiring process.

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