Employee Experience Monitored.

Real-time accuracy for today’s dynamic job market

A Career Dimension of Employee Experience

HR and Talent Acquisition leaders lack the tools to play offense when combating today’s talent management challenges. ApolloFactor’s CompEdge™ provides real-time people analytics enabling leaders the necessary data to make truly informed decisions around talent acquisition and retention.

With this competitive edge high-growth technology companies are equipped to build a proactive talent strategy versus a reactionary one. CompEdge™ is a revolutionary people analytics platform that provides talent management leaders the one-of-kind data points to appropriately address the following talent management imperatives:

  • Making the right hiring decision
  • Offering new hires an always up-to date, market-based, total compensation package
  • Ensuring pay equity within the company and outside with a competitor cohort
  • Maintaining employee stickiness by driving a high-attention culture

The Importance of Measuring Employee Experience

Employee Experience can be measured in numerous ways. Historically, companies have used employee engagement surveys and software to measure this. These surveys can be time-consuming and tedious for fast-growing companies. Many are more than 200 questions long and can take months to disseminate.
According to experts, levels of employee engagement remain at about 13% nationally. This figure has changed little in the past few decades. Despite dozens of surveys measuring employee engagement, it’s not clear how well these tools actually predict retention risk, or improve ‘sustained’ employee engagement.
More recently, Jacob Morgan and others have popularized the Employer Experience Index. There is a trend toward linking employee experience to retention and attrition challenges. Morgan believes it is a better predictor of employee satisfaction and ultimately retention. Yet this index, which focuses on just three areas: physical environment, technology and culture, fails to incorporate key elements of an employee’s reason-for-leaving a company, especially for leadership and professionals.

Extensive research shows professionals are most motivated by the impact they can make. Here is a consensus for key career motivators for executives, managers and technical employees:

1) Role/Position

2) Boss/Manager/Supervisor

3) People/ Culture

4) Company

5) Career


Top employees derive satisfaction from a variety of categories. Our research suggests these five capture the key touch points that reflect how one’s experience in a given role is expressed in the context of the people, boss, company and career advancement. Employees score and weight these categories. The tool allows employees to use a familiar academic grading system. It then converts the grades into scores. The user can then fine-tunes the scores if they’d like. All scores fall within a 70-100 range. An aggregate score is calculated and used as a key component of retention risk. Scores are confidential but employee comments and suggestions may be shared.

The Win-Win Way to Negotiate Pay

When everyone aligns on the MarketValue™ for a role, companies, recruiters, and candidates can quickly agree on pay and collaborate in the executive hiring process.

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