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Monitor Retention Risk across your leadership and technical talent.

CompEdge™ provides a dynamic retention monitor.

RETAIN uniquely measures retention providing a retention score signaling the likelihood of an employee leaving. Levels of risk are displayed. The dashboard analyzes tenure, employee alignment and role-specific market conditions to report retention risk. Employee alignment scores can be generated by third-party employee engagement/ experience software, or by our Alignment tool, which measures professional satisfaction. There is no longer a reason to make blanket company, or department-level decisions with subjective or hearsay. CompEdge™ RETAIN helps you focus on addressing compensation, job dynamics, corporate culture and the employee experience with high-risk performers.

Take the guesswork out of retention

With this tool you will get an up to date pulse on the retention risk of all your top talent. This tool is backed by years of field tested research and combines multiple factors to determine when your employees are most at risk of vacating their positions for other options. Try this tool and you will see for yourself how accurate it can be at assessing who in your organization is most at risk right now.

Your Top Talent
in Your Pocket

When everyone aligns on the MarketValue™ for a role, companies, recruiters, and candidates can quickly agree on pay and collaborate in the executive hiring process.

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